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PAIA Manual

“People Management Simplified”






PAY MATTERS offers numerous supplementary services


A selection are described below.


Please contact us should you require detail on any service not included below.






Strategic planning program

Is your Human Resources function an unavoidable overhead, or does it add strategic value to your organisation?

PAY MATTERS can help!

Our integrated methods and processes are designed to complement other business processes and contribute meaningfully to the attainment of the organisation’s strategic and operational objectives through the effective and efficient management of its workforce, thereby maximising the contribution of each individual in a focused manner.







Process/System audits

Security threats? Systems unreliable? Results unpredictable or inconsistent?

Too many pay errors/queries? Aged processes/systems?

PAY MATTERS can help!

PAY MATTERS can conduct due diligence audits on your Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Payroll processes and systems to ensure adequate accuracy, data and asset security, legal compliance and best practice.







Disciplinary/Appeal hearings

Sensitive or complex disciplinary matters?

PAY MATTERS can help!

PAY MATTERS can provide a suitably qualified impartial chairperson to chair disciplinary hearings for misconduct or incapacity (poor work performance/medical incapacity).







Process and Systems Documentation

Corporate memory lost due to regular staff changes? Overly dependant on key staff to produce results? Inconsistent application of rules and regulations? Unreliable results? Exposed to unnecessary risk?

PAY MATTERS can help!

PAY MATTERS can develop new, or review existing Policies and Procedures to document all Human Resource related systems, processes and methods thereby retaining corporate memory, specialist knowledge and skills, and ensuring consistent application and execution of all functions and tasks.







Performance Enhancement and Management Program

“How can tomorrow be different if we keep doing today what we did yesterday?”

Need to gain or maintain your competitive advantage?

Business under stress? Experiencing troubled times?

PAY MATTERS can help!

PAY MATTERS uses diagnostic tools to identify operational and management constraints that inhibit operational and employee performance.

PAY MATTERS helps the employer to devise action plans to address the constraints to improve operational effectiveness.This includes setting time frames, allocating resources and assigning roles and responsibilities.

Unrelated operational strategy may be incorporated into these action plans before execution.

The final action plans are deployed downwards throughout the organisation, and monitoring and review processes are implemented to measure the effectiveness of the execution, and to allow for the timeous implementation of counter-measures where the plans do not produce the desired results.

Performance can be improved by as much as 30-40% - Results guaranteed!







Incentive Reward Systems

Need to incorporate your reward systems into your performance management system to reward superior performance?

PAY MATTERS can help!

Competency based remuneration can be utilised as a strategic business tool to enhance performance and thereby add value to an employer’s operations. PAY MATTERS can help employers to develop effective and efficient incentive reward systems designed to enhance business performance.







Facilitation/Mediation/Wage Negotiations

Sensitive or complex labour matters? Deadlocked?

PAY MATTERS can help!

PAY MATTERS can provide a qualified impartial chairperson to facilitate/mediate between the parties in labour related disputes or wage negotiations.





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